About Us

We’re in the business of connection

Who Are We?

We are a North Carolina based,  UL Certified,  Woman Owned business in the 3rd generation.  We are the only professional answering service in Western North Carolina serving the entire United States.

Daniels Communications, is a division of The Daniels Group, a full service communications, marketing,  and eCommerce support company in the third generation.

Our Core Values

Sense of Community
Customer Focused

Our Story

Ernest Daniels came to Asheville, NC to die of tuberculosis.  In those days doctors often “prescribed” the clear mountain air of Asheville. But Ernie was a businessman and an entrepreneur who was not interested in sitting still. Armed with only a steno pad he took up shop on a park bench at Pritchard Park and started offering typing services to local businesses.

Historic Photo of Pritchard Park, Asheville, NCLater, he cut a deal with a local law firm offering to do their typing in the mornings for free if they would allow him to use their typewriter and sell typing to others in the afternoon. Within a short time he saved enough money to buy a typewriter and set up a small “letter shop” to serve the local community. His health stayed poor but his business grew.

In the 50’s, Ma Bell (Southern Bell,  AT&T today) approached Ernie with an idea.  They wanted out of the answering service business,  they offered the equipment and the business if he would take it over. He agreed, and also bought the other service in town.

By 1965, Jim Daniels, Ernie’s son, took over the family business and purchased the largest printing company in town – Miller Printing. Like his father before him his vision for business and offering services to help a growing community helped him expand and grow throughout the next decades.

In 1978, we expanded into the alarm monitoring central station market. Daniels Monitoring Service was among the first companies licensed by the newly established North Carolina Alarm Systems Licensing Board.

In 2015, Jami Daniels, third generation in the business, took over the reins as COO. In 2016, Jim Daniels died and she became CEO. In 2018, under Jami’s leadership, we became Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) and Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) Certified by WBENC.

Today we continue to grow and add services as new technologies improve our ability to communicate our customers messages in the most cost effective ways.