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Short Staffed?

Consider outsourcing some of your administrative tasks to us.   We can handle your phones,  respond to your emails and chat,  and keep your customer experience running like a top!  

Wake County Public Health Case Study

Wake County Public Health Case Study We recently helped several counties manage their inbound call volume by ramping up quickly when the COVID vaccine wait list was published. Our staff received exceptional reviews from residents, and our client was able to show that they stepped up when the demand called for it.   “We’re helping […]

An Extension of Your Office

It was a typical weekday for a medical practice for whom we answer calls during their lunch break. We fielded a call from the wife of a truck driver. She was calling on behalf of her husband- who was a regular patient of the practice that we answer for. The truck driver was working nearly […]

Bringing Out the Best in Us

Like so many businesses around the world, The Daniels Group has changed. Prior to the Pandemic, we were humming along with double-digit growth and feeling the wind at our backs. Then, literally overnight, we found ourselves in a new economy. The Daniels Group has two main divisions; commercial printing and a 24/7 call center. Soon […]

We are live 24/7 – Covid 19 Phone Back Up

For over 70 years, you have relied on us for live operator answer and alarm monitoring services.  The absolute safety and security for our partners, employees, and community have always been at the very top of our priority list.  We are taking every precaution to protect our clients and employees. Recent technology enhancements allow us […]